I begin making each monotype by finding a rhythm in the physical actions involved. Following Eastern beliefs, there is a balance of yin, the feminine, and the yang, the masculine in the process of producing a work of art. Yin characteristics embody intuition, creative flow, and improvisational choice of colors, textures, and tones. Strong decisive actions, selecting imagery, making the patterns on the plate, applying ink to the plate, laying down the paper and rolling it through the press contain yang properties.

After the printing process, I often incorporate additional materials such as collage, strings, yarn, or sewing thread into the surface, to build complexity and suggest lineal qualities. The typically feminine practice of sewing further explores the emphasizes the idea of women’s work and their role in the context of art-making. 


Artist Statement: My work is an exploration of personal themes and cross cultural influences – a hybridization of Eastern and Western imagery. Gods, goddesses, women's work, rituals, and calligraphy are a constant part of my visual vocabulary. The pieces embrace an emotional response to life events through aesthetic and intellectual interpretations. Fine art coexists with everyday life.


I have exhibited at various museums and galleries throughout CT, NY, and AZ since 1977. I have lent my skills to further the work of many art organizations; I am a co-founder of the Drawing Studio, Paperworks Collective (Tucson, AZ) and serve on the curatorial committee at the Bruce S. Kershner Gallery (Fairfield, CT). I am an artist member of Art/Place Gallery (Fairfield, CT), Westport Artists Collective (Westport, CT), and Ridgefield Guild of Artists (Ridgefield, CT), and Carriage Barn (New Cannan, CT). 

I was born in New York City, and currently reside in Fairfield, CT. 


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